Valuable Testing Opportunity Ahead of Official Start

Valuable Testing Opportunity Ahead of Official Start

The new cohort of Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy drivers took the opportunity to test drive their R2 Ford Fiestas on Tuesday afternoon. It was an excellent chance to familiarise themselves with the warm gravel conditions they can expect during Rally de Portugal.

The test route was set in the Ponte de Lima area, situated 100km north of host city Matosinhos. The area will see official stage action during Friday’s special stages two and five.

Taking between three and seven runs a piece, the teams fine tuned their set ups and habituated themselves with the new 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine.

Returning British driver Tom Cave said: “I’ve really enjoyed the test run today. It’s been an invaluable opportunity to experiment in race conditions and figure out how to adapt my driving style to get the best out of the new car. The driving feels good and I’m eager to get started properly on Thursday.”

Dutch driver Mats van den Brand said: “Already I’ve learnt a lot from the test today; it’s been a really productive afternoon. I don’t have much experience on gravel so this test is a good chance to get some kilometres in before the start of the rally.”


Valuable Testing Opportunity Ahead of Official Start
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