Scintillating Start as the Competition Takes Off

Scintillating Start as the Competition Takes Off

The Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy got off to an intense battle this morning with two different stage winners and UK’s Tom Cave leading by just 2.1sec at mid-day service.

Forest fires in the Pont de Lima area meant Fridays action got off to a faltered start as stage two was cancelled before the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy crews could even begin.

After a lengthy re-route to the start of stage 3, the crews managed to set off on time and all finished the stage. Norwegian Marius Aasen set the fastest time with 13:08 from Cave and Ghislain de Mévius of Belgium.

Stage four, the last of section two, saw the crews tackle the tracks above Viana do Castelo. Edoardo Bresolin dropped time with an engine problem and finished the stage over 13min behind the leader. That leader was Cave finishing in 13:37min, with Finland’s Max Vatanen following in just 5.7sec. With that strong finish, the Finn edges into third overall while early leader Aasen moves down the overall rankings to second, allowing Cave ahead by +2.1sec.

Tom Cave said: “The stages were really enjoyable, but so rough! I didn’t expect it to be quite so harsh. We had a pretty big impact on a tight right hander which set us back a bit but other than that, I’m happy with the drive. I just plan to stick to the game plan this afternoon and make it round. The tyres are holding up well, I’m impressed.”

Marius Aasen said: “It was ok, very rough so I’m happy to make it with no punctures. We had a heavy impact on the front left and after that I was more cautious, just to make sure we finished. There are a few small issues that I hope will be fixed in service and if the stages hold up, we should make it through. So far so good.”

Max Vatanen said: “I had a careful drive, but maybe a little too careful. The stages are brutal, exhilarating to drive but not enjoyable. This afternoon I will drive where I can, try not to loose time and save the car.”

Overall Standing at Friday Mid-Day

1. Tom Cave / Craig Parry 53m 40.1s
2. Marius Aasen / Veronica Engan 53m 42.2s
3. Max Vatanen / Jacques-Julien Renucci 53m 58.0s
4. Ghislain de Mévius / Geoffrey Brion 54m 05.8s
5. Gus Greensmith / Elliott Edmondson 54m 42.3s
6. Will Hudson / Alex Gelsomino 54m 49.4s
7. Nil Solans / Miquel IbaƄez 54m 53.9s
8. Nicolas Amiouni / Joseph Matar 54m 57.5s
9. Mat van den Brand / Martijn Wydaeghe 55m 14.5s
10. Kevin van Deijne / Harmen Scholtalbers 56m 18.7s
11. Edoardo Bresolin / Rudy Pollet 1h 07m 11.1s


Scintillating Start as the Competition Takes Off
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