Fiesta Trophy Champions Join DMACK Trophy Team

Fiesta Trophy Champions Join DMACK Trophy Team

Current Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy champions Marius Aasen and Veronica Engan will begin their 2016 prize drive at next week’s Rally Sweden as part of the new Drive DMACK Trophy Team.

The new team will also field 2014 winners Sander Pärn and James Morgan – both sets of crews being awarded the biggest prize in world rallying as part of their Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy titles.

Norwegians Aasen and Engan will effectively be on home soil next week with the Swedish event crossing the border into Norway for the majority of the special stage action on Friday. After winning their prize on the final rally of last year’s season in Spain, the pair are pleased to be stepping up to the Fiesta R5 on a surface they are relatively familiar with.

Estonian Pärn, with Welsh co-driver James Morgan, has had an outing on snow already this year – finishing fifth overall on the Arctic Lapland Rally last weekend. They’re also keen to build on their 2015 season with a fresh and more experienced approach.

Meanwhile, registrations for this year’s Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy are filling fast with just two week’s left until the first closing date. Competitors from across the world will once again battle in identical Ford Fiesta R2 cars run by M-Sport across five FIA World Rally Championship events.

It’s the most affordable way for young drivers to taste action on the world stages and has constantly proven to be the most competitive one-make series at that level.

In addition to the main prize of a full season in WRC 2, competitors can also battle for the Rookie and Vatanen Touch Awards – which sees finalists contest an end-of-season shoot-out for another prize drive.

More information on the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is available at

Three Questions to 24-year-old Marius Aasen:

Are you looking forward to stepping up to the Ford Fiesta R5?
MA: It’s going to be a really great car to drive. I’ve driven the R5 in the UK last year, have just shaken it down at M-Sport this week and we are testing on Monday, and the car feels really good. It’s a big step up from the R2 but I felt pretty comfortable with it quite quickly. I’m happy that we are starting our season in Sweden, I’m familiar with this surface and remember some of the stages from the last time I competed in 2012.

How have you been preparing for 2016?
MA: I visited M-Sport this week to learn more about the car and how the team works and we will be testing on Monday to learn about the DMACK studded tyres and just get a good feeling before the start of the rally. Like most people, I’ve been watching the onboard videos of the stages and working with Veronica to make sure we are prepared as much as possible.

What has competing in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy taught you?
MA: The last two years in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy have really helped me learn how to manage situations and think about strategy – and that’s definitely made me a smarter driver. We have to learn to manage tyre allocations and drive clever through some tough stage conditions. It’s about driving at the right speed over the whole weekend. The Trophy is also like a big family and it builds many relationships between the team, mechanics and other competitors.

Three Questions to 23-year-old Sander Pärn:

How was the Arctic Lapland Rally?
SP: It was a very good rally to prepare for Sweden. We completed all the stages and it was my first drive with a rally car this winter and also my first time using the wider DMACK studded tyres. It was a big learning curve but also very beneficial ahead of Sweden.

What is the aim for this season?
SP: Last year didn’t really go to plan for us so we took the decision to focus on 2016. It’s great to be able to start again with a full programme and we are approaching it with much more experience this year and more seat time in the Fiesta R5. I’m not worrying too much about the results but I will focus on my own performance and give the best I have.

How did competing in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy help?
SP: The Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy was the best possible way to start my WRC career. It gave me experience in a competitive environment but also put me on an equal level with all the other drivers – that helps you see where are your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to improve. We had a big battle all season and winning the prize has given me a big step up.


Fiesta Trophy Champions Join DMACK Trophy Team

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