Drive DMACK Stars Ready To Rock In Poland

Drive DMACK Stars Ready To Rock In Poland

The 11 crews contesting the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy had the opportunity to test and fine tune their M-Sport prepared Ford Fiesta R2s this morning in preparation for Rally Poland.

The test was held 40km east of host town Mikołajki which itself is situated in north-eastern Poland. The short 3km dash would help remind the returning drivers of the soft, sandy conditions and familiarise the new crews.

Everything went smoothy for our drivers, completing between two and five passes of the test route. However current trophy leader Max Vatanen almost had a run in with a local resident on the stage.

“There was a moose! A moose in the middle of the road, as big as the car. I nearly hit her,” said Vatanen when he returned to the service area.

The stage is set for a hotly contested second round to the Trophy, with British driver Tom Cave looking to make up for missed opportunities in Portugal.

One driver looking to build on the success of Portugal is Marius Aasen of Norway having finished second in the opening round.

Aasen said: “The car is feeling good and it’s nice to get back to it. On the recce I noticed the roads are going to be really fast; even faster than last year I think. It’s going to be a rally where pace note accuracy at high speed is important. I plan to follow the same method as we used in Portugal: drive safely, keep calm and hopefully the good times will come. Some of the stages are very similar to Norway, if not a little faster.”


Drive DMACK Stars Ready To Rock In Poland
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