Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy Extended With New Shoot-Out Prize

Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy Extended With New Shoot-Out Prize

Following the over-subscription of the recently announced Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy, M-Sport and DMACK are offering an additional prize incentive to allow more drivers to compete alongside the series using Ford Fiesta R2 cars equipped with DMACK tyres.

There are a number of drivers who have been unable to secure a place in the 2014 Trophy or who would like to get experience of WRC events without committing to the full championship.

To cope with this demand, M-Sport and DMACK have created the Drive DMACK Fiesta Shoot-Out where competitors can take advantage of an affordable entry and tyre package at a subsidised rate. Drivers and teams will then be able to enter one or more of the five rounds of the Trophy in their own cars with their own team and compete alongside the championship regulars to judge their pace and gain vital experience.

Drivers will be able to take advantage of the latest generation DMACK tyres at the discounted on-event rate of £140 +vat.

At the end of each counting event, the highest finishing driver, who hasn't been previously nominated, will go forward to the next step of the process. Once all five events have been finished and five drivers nominated, DMACK and M-Sport will then appoint up to three additional 'wild-card' nominations drivers who have impressed over the course of the season but through misfortune or bad luck been unable to achieve nomination from one of the events.

The selected drivers will then be invited to M-Sport to attend an evaluation day where they will be interviewed and assessed by a panel of experts. One driver will be selected and they will win the chance to compete on one round of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship in a Ford Fiesta R5 as part of the Drive DMACK team.

Crucially, drivers taking up this initiative will not affect the points scoring competitors in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy.

With the Fiesta R2 conversion kit costing just £22,450 +vat and donor cars available all over Europe, the opportunity to compete at WRC level and pitch yourself against some of the brightest talents in global rallying just got easier.

Dick Cormack, DMACK managing director, said:"We want to try and accommodate as many drivers as possible and, by introducing the Shoot-Out, we are offering more flexibility for other crews. The Trophy is now positioned as an affordable platform for drivers aspiring to compete at WRC level and this move will open up the opportunity to more competitors while still offering a high-value prize drive."

Malcolm Wilson OBE, M-Sport managing director, said:"The response to the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy has been incredible and it is very disappointing that we cannot accommodate all those that registered, but this hopefully will encourage more people to try WRC events on DMACK tyres and make sure they are fully prepared for future seasons."

For more information on the Drive DMACK Fiesta Shoot-Out please contact Andrew Wheatley


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