De Mevius dominates

De Mévius dominates

Another composed drive from Ghislain de Mévius sees the young driver from Belgium close the day at the top of the table, taking a grand total of seven stage wins for the day in the process.

The two remaining stage points of the day were picked up by Mats van den Brand. Overall the Dutch driver sits in second 1:38min behind de Mévius with Finnish driver Max Vatanen sitting a further 1:47min behind.

The perilous Panzerplatte claimed another of our crews when Trophy newcomer Tim Novak of Slovenia happened upon a rock when he went off the road. He would also collide with a tree calling into question his ability to continue in the morning.

Will Hudson, who has struggled to adapt to the challenges of WRC stages currently sits in fourth position overall. The gap between crews is large enough to assume they will all be hoping to make it home in one piece.

Ghislain de Mévius said: "It's been a very good day for sure. Seven out of nine scratch points is very good and I'm really satisfied with that. It's been close sometimes and I've had a nice battle with Mats all day. I'll aim to keep my position, driving clean and fast in the morning. I hope for a couple more points tomorrow but I won't push for them."

Mats van den Brand said: "I'm really happy right now, the car has been going well and Martijn has been doing a great job. I've pushed a little more on Panzerplatte in the afternoon. Ghislain is driving a good rally and I'v been impressed with his pace. Tomorrow I will see if I can add a little more but the main aim is to bring the car home and claim the podium place."

Max Vatanen said: "It's been a long days racing; we've driven over 170km of stages today. But overall I'm quite satisfied as my pace has been increasing steadily. I've made a few mistakes like the knock we took on Panzerplatte but other than that nothing major. I'll look to maintain the speed tomorrow and hopfully win another place on the podium."

Top five at the end of day two

1. Ghislain de Mévius / Johan Jalet 3h 30m 57.6s
2. Mats van den Brand / Martijn Wydaeghe 3h 32m 36.0s
3. Max Vatanen / Jacques-Julien Renucci 3h 34m 23.5s
4. Will Hudson / Alex Gelsomino 3h 51m 20.6s
5. Marius Aasen / Veronica Engan 4h 10m 22.1s


De Mevius dominates
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