Crunch Time in Catalunya

Crunch Time in Catalunya

The final showdown in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy will be a hotly contested event between competition leader Sander Pärn and British driver Tom Cave.

Pärn has held a comfortable lead in the competition thus far but the dual surfaces of Rally de España have the potential to cause upset.

Pärn must finish third or better overall here in Catalunya to seal his trophy victory. However there are 17 additional stage points up for grabs and Cave knows that he needs to push to collect as many as possible.

"I'm looking forward to a good contest and will push as much as I dare to try and collect the extra points for stages victories, said Cave at shakedown today.

Pärn will look to maintain the run of form he has shown consistently throughout the series, aiming to have a safe drive here in Spain.

"I will drive a smart rally, paying close attention to Cave's times and adjusting my pace to stay ahead, said the Estonian driver.

Pärn will be using his previous experience on the roads of Catalunya to his advantage, but Cave doesn't like to make excuses, saying: "It's my first time here, but I don't think that's hugely important. We have shown good pace on other rallies where I had no race experience, so that's proof I can still do well regardless. I would like the contest to be decided fairly, with no argument or contentious issues. But inevitably there will be drama. Let the best man win.

The final installment will commence today with a short spectator special on tight roads around the lower sections of Montjuïc hill, in the nation's capital Barcelona. All eyes are on Pärn, seeing if he can hold his nerve.


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