Cave Takes Control On Finland Debut

Cave Takes Control On Finland Debut

The second pass of Pihlajakoski was taken by Tom Cave, giving the Brit his fourth stage win of the day with a lead of just 0.5sec ahead of the Estonian driver Sander Pärn. Nicolas Amiouni of Lebanon rolled off the road into retirement half way through the stage.

The Frenchman Quentin Gilbert appears to be finding his rhythm, beating the competition to take his second stage win in the tenth. He was followed by Tom Cave who came in after 2.3sec, closely followed by Pärn in another 3.4 secs.

Cave continued his run of form to set a fifth fastest stage time on the undulating roads of the Kakaristo section. The 11th stage saw Finnish driver Max Vatanen’s car crippled with a fuel pump issue, finishing +5min 53sec behind Cave. Marius Aasen of Norway and Spanish driver Yarey Lemes both lost time due to punctures. 20sec separate Cave and Pärn going into the penultimate stage, with Aasen trailing by 3mins.

The 7.70km of Päinää  2 was taken by Gilbert for his third stage win, 1.7sec ahead of Cave who maintained his 20sec lead ahead of Pärn.

The final stage saw the race return to Jyväskylä city centre for a short dash to the finish line and the end of day two. José Suárez took his first stage win of the competition, followed extremely closely by Pärn with a gap of just 0.1sec. Marius Aasen finished third after another 0.6sec.

Tom Cave said: “I am happy with the pace I have shown today and quite surprised with myself to be honest. I have driven sensibly with good pace notes, backing off in the rough sections and pushing in the smooth. Overall I am very pleased.”

Sander Pärn said: “What can I say? I feel I drive with good pace and made no mistakes yet I am still 2nd. We took some damage on stage 11. The rear beam is bent and there is some damage to the steering but I don’t feel it effected our speed. I am satisfied with the performance but nothing but good things to say about Tom, he is doing really well. Hopefully my previous experience on tomorrows stages will give me the edge.”

Marius Aasen said: “We suffered a puncture at the beginning of stage 11. Sometimes when you are trying to avoid a puncture so much, you end up getting one. I am finding it difficult with the pace notes to know what is a crest, what is a jump and how much or little I need to go on the brakes. It’s a long day tomorrow and there is plenty of time to catch up. ”

1. Tom Cave / Craig Parry 1h 51m 15.2s
2. Sander Pärn / James Morgan 1h 51m 35.2s
3. Marius Aasen / Marlene Engan 1h 54m 21.5s
4. Quentin Gilbert / Renaud Jamoul 1h 54m 34.7s
5. Yeray Lemes / Rogelio Penãte 1h 55m 36.0s
6. Szymon Kornicki / Przemyslaw Mazur 1h 57m 29.5s
7. Max Vatanen / Mikko Lukka 1h 58m 24.1s
8. Ghislain de Mevius / Johan Jalet 2h 02m 15.0s
9. José Suárez / Borja Rozada 2h 04m 11.2s
10. Nil Solans / Miquel Ibanez 2h 05m 33.1s


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