Cave Dominates Morning Action To Move Into First Position

Cave Dominates Morning Action To Move Into First Position

British driver Tom Cave showed an impressive run of form, posting quickest times on three of the four stages held this morning. The opening 66km took place around Jämsä, south of host city Jyväskylä. Cave takes an overall lead 14.6sec into the afternoon repeat loop of stages. Norwegian driver Marius Aasen is second with +14.6 and Estonia’s Sander Pärn just 0.1sec behind.

Overnight leader Max Vatanen struggled to hold on to his position, gradually dropping down the rankings to finish fourth overall 41.0secs adrift.

Quentin Gilbert of France posted his first fastest time on stage eight, denying Cave a clean sweep of stage wins.

Tom Cave said: “I’m very pleased with the times I have set so far today. I drove consistently and quickly, taking care to avoid the rocks and ruts. I was a little annoyed to hear Quentin posted a faster time than me on the eighth stage. A clean sweep would have been nice. But I have shown good pace so far and I’m looking forward to having another run through this evening. ”

Marius Aasen said: “I’m happy with my driving today, it was clean with no mistakes. It was great fun to drive the Kakaristo stage, but I was careful not to push too hard as the threat of punctures there is pretty high. The stage times aren’t too bad and Marlene and I are happy with our second overall position.”

Sander Pärn said: “There were no big mistakes for me on those four stages. I am surprised to see Tom show such good pace on his first time through these stages. The pace is up and I have more to add on the second pass.”

1. Tom Cave / Craig Parry 1h 12m 24.5s
2. Marius Aasen / Marlene Engan 1h 12m 39.1s
3. Sander Pärn / James Morgan 1h 12m 39.2s
4. Max Vatanen / Mikko Lukka 1h 13m 05.5s
5. Yeray Lemes / Rogelio Penãte 1h 13m 36.7s
6. Quentin Gilbert / Renaud Jamoul 1h 15m 39.8s


Tom Cave
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